Never Disappoint Your Patients

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Michael Toubbeh, MD

Every doctor wants to impress the patients because their future and career growth is based on the number of patients that are impressed by their services, Hence, every doctor wants to give good services to the patients to get positive word of mouth and get a better reputation. The better the services, the better the results, if you serve your patients in the right manner, you will be surprised to see the results. You will experience rising number of patients and a better reputation in the country. The doctors should set this as a goal because impressed patients will likely spread good words about you which will help you get recognized publicly. Getting recognized by positive word of mouth is the best marketing technique for a doctor because people trust each other when it comes to doctors and their services. And to get positive word of mouth, the first thing you need to avoid is disappointing your patients. Never disappoint your patients because their disappointment can disappoint you as well.

Michael Toubbeh, MD

Michael Toubbeh, MD – Senior Medical Director, Care Internalization and Operations at Washington Permanente Medical Group

Here are a few ways to avoid disappointing your patients.

1) Don’t talk too little or too much

Patients visit doctors for their problems. They visit the doctors to discuss their problems and get solutions, there are some patients who feel shy while sharing their problems, the doctors, in this case, have to win the trust of these patients to help them open up. They should talk to them in a right manner and help them to open up and talk about the problem freely. However, while trying to understand the problem of the patients, the doctors sometimes fail to recognize the boundary and start asking a little too much, the extra information asked by the doctors can annoy the patients and eventually disappoint them.

2) Never keep them waiting

Your patients should be your priority. Never avoid them for other tasks in your lie, they should be your priority and you should always consider giving some time to them because they expect you to be there for them. Don’t take too many holidays and try to see patients on time.

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