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Business Description: Senior Medical Director

Michael Toubbeh, MD is a head and neck surgeon. His skills are not just limited to medicine, he also specializes in directing and leading medical companies to success.

He has experience in surgical (orthopedic, general, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, urology, vascular and bariatric surgery).

Michael Toubbeh, MD started his career years ago. The man has managed to rise with every passing year. He is serving as a medical director for care and internalization and operations. He is responsible for recommending and driving implementation to achieve success.

Michael Toubbeh, MD

Michael Toubbeh, MD – Senior Medical Director, Care Internalization and Operations at Washington Permanente Medical Group


Michael Toubbeh, MD

12168 SE 17th Pl, Bellevue,
WA 98005, USA
Telephone: (206) 321-2749


Michael Toubbeh, MD5Michael Toubbeh, MD2017-12-12 02:57:41
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